What do we offer employees that are placed through our recruitment agency?

Our candidates can expect on-going support in areas that you wouldn’t expect from other recruitment agencies.

 NDT Resources

Because we understand NDT methodology and certification, we are able to determine if you have the right credentials; if so, we can produce a cogent case to get you past the recruitment agent or HR person who, in all probability, does not – you may not hold the advertised PCN, for example.



NDT Resources


The Interview

To gain that all important interview, we will always seek to speak directly to the Level 3 involved.

In addition, to help you decide whether to proceed with an application, we will endeavour to carry out a site visit beforehand and be able to brief you as to the type of work required and conditions that it is carried out in.



Sub-Contractor Services

[Please note we are not an umbrella company] NDT Resources

NDT Resources can assist sub-contractors to operate as their own limited company (if you do not already) - it‘s easier than you think.

Our accountancy support is extremely cost effective and will provide you with all the necessary support.

Costs such as motor mileage; subsistence; housing; could all be claimed against your tax liability.

What is more, we are able to provide sub-contractors with assistance in sourcing accommodation (if required).


What have you got to lose?

Send your CV to info@ndtresources.co.uk for consideration.